Best in Show and the People’s Choice….

So much fun at IIDA UNRAVEL Rock the Runway last night!  ROBB LAPPE stole the show!  Teamed up with Anova Furnishings and Architex and Tiny Dancer as our song.
A big shout out to ROBB LAPPE, our model, that rocked it as our punk rock tiny dancer!! And to everyone on Team Chiodini for their help in making Greg Uphoff’s sketch come
to life – a big fat THANK YOU!! Dominic White – Video and Song Mix;  Leah Kremer – Sewing;  Aiyeh – Hot glue expert; Greg Uphoff – Dress Designer, Poster Designer
and Creative Director and Robb for all the details!  And thanks to our Vendors Suzan Sutcu for beautiful fabrics and all the guys at Anova Furnishings.  Zack Weddle at
Anova for the engineering of our concept and Mike Carter and Team for welding!!  And a Big Thank You to Christine Capps who managed this great group. It was such fun
collaborating.Gonna miss our mannequin, Snatch…..